AragoFetts Hardwar Video Transcripts

All transcripts where provided by Aragofett. Permission from Aragofett to use his work here has been granted. Many thanks. Wez..
Audio & Flash movies where added by myself (wez).

I've made a few minor alterations to the sequence of scripts on the page. noteably adding the klamp & laz non plotline videos with the plotline videos.. As these are likely to occur around the plot but only if you take an unusual action.

flash movie with audio of the game intro [Flash Movie] 850k
flash movie with audio of the final cutscene [Flash Movie] 750k
-- note the bottom frame panel can be resized.. any content will scale to fit

Foreword (Aragofett)
My Aim: These transcripts are here to help those who do not have access to the in-game videos. These will allow you to follow the plot. I've done the best I can in keeping these transcripts both to-the-point like the videos, while still explaining the atmosphere. I felt that explaining exactly what the backgrounds look like was time-consuming, pace-killing and irrelevant.

Defining Plotline/Non-Plotline: Quite simply, plotline transcripts are those which you either must see during the course of play, or have a direct story effect. Non-plotline are those not affecting the story or those affecting the story but not essential. E.g. the second Gangboy video is non-essential, but it adds a lot to the story so it's included in Plotline.

Distribution: Since the videos were created by SR, and therefore weren't written by me, you are free to add this to your own website and distribute it however you want. I would ask though for a small mention, for taking the time to do something so badly needed by the newer members to the Hardwar community. Thanks.

Pictures: Most transcripts now have pictures by their name, so you can use less of your imagination :) Some don't, because they are practically identical to other cutscenes. E.g. Klamp Response is practically identical in camera work to Denial, and the Xavier Lazarus videos all re-use camera angles.



An apology [Picture 1] [Picture 2]
[Audio] laz1

(Lazarus logo. Jason Lazarus sits in a egg-shell shaped chair. His back is to the camera.)
The Lazarus Family wish to apologise to aviators caught up in the turbulence created by the Lazarus test ships. Unfortunately,
(He rotates in the chair to face the camera.)
individuals killed or injured due to such activities, are not likely to receive compensation. This also applies to any vehicular or structural damage. These tests are of long term benefit to the entire city. Thank you.
(He turns away from the camera. Lazarus logo: The future is something to look forward to...)

New measures [Picture 1] [Picture 2]
[Audio] laz2

(Lazarus logo. Brief shot of construction workers working. Jason Lazarus shows his profile to the camera)
Recently, an air of... antagonism has swept over the city.
(Shot of workers. Jason turns his head to the camera.)
Further to the upsetting behaviour of other forces, the Lazarus Family has engaged in a limited measure of nuclear strikes. An effort, to prevent more bloodshed on our part. Thank you.
(Jason Lazarus turns back to profile view. Lazarus logo: Your troubles are our troubles....)

Third Message [Picture]
[Audio] laz3

(Lazarus logo. The camera looks directly at Jason, and slowly zooms in.)
The Lazarus Family have no comment concerning the speculation and... rumours
surrounding our operations within the Port district.
Everything we do is in the interest of the citizen.
Thank you.
(Lazarus logo.)

Fourth Message [Picture] [Picture]

(Lazarus logo. Jason is sitting with his chair about 120 degrees away from the
A special announcement for a friend out there.
(He rotates to face the camera.)
The Lazarus Family will not tolerate thieves or liars.
Return what belongs to us and no further action will be taken.
(He starts to turn back around, then pauses.)
Thank you.
(He finishes turning. Lazarus logo.)


Denial [Picture 1] [Picture 2]
[Audio] klm1

(Klamp logo. Klamp-G spokesperson is sitting, and looking directly at camera.)
Klamp-G have no nuclear transport capabilities. These reports are rumours generated by opponents and competitors with little regard for our citizens.
(Close up on top half of head; eyes and nose.)
Action is being taken to ensure Klamp airspace is not violated again.
(Close up on her left eye.)
This is a warning.
(Klamp logo.)

Klamp Response [picture]
[Audio] klm2

(Klamp logo. As in Denial, but camera further zoomed out.)
Conflict within the city has reached a new ceiling of stupidity.
With regard to such carnage, Klamp are employing the phrase;
(Zoom on left eye.)
an eye for an eye.
(Return to original zoom.)
Thank you for your continued support in these desperate times.
(Klamp logo.)

Third Message
[Audio] klm3

(Klamp logo. Camera as in Klamp Response.)
We know who you are.
We will find out where you are.
(Close to shoulders and head.)
The theft of our cargo is a matter beyond formal announcement.
(Close to top half of head.)
Lie low, flier.
(Klamp logo.)

Fourth Message
[Audio] klm4

(Klamp logo. Camera as in Klamp Response.)
Klamp-G answer to no-one.
Situations change. This one doesn't.
Anyone caught interfering with important research activity in the Port area will
be hunted, and terminated.
(Klamp logo.)

Psycho Bob

After *Congratulations* [Picture 1 + audio] [Picture 2] [Picture 3]
[Audio] bob1

(Psycho Bob logo. Psycho Bob appears, sitting. He leans forward.)
By a process of natural selection, it appears that you are the best operative for this assignment. Now, I need you to sniff out the locations of where Klamp-G, and Lazarus, are keeping their nuclear test ships.
(Camera switches to overhead, grainy, black and white.)
I don't know if you read the reports,
(Normal camera)
but radiation levels north of Reservoir, and west of Riverside seem to indicate that these are the best places to look right now.
(He sniffs. Very brief overhead B&W cam, before normal camera. Camera closes on his face.)
Keep below a hundred feet, and you'll achieve radar invisibility. Your display unit will indicate this by colour change. But be warned, folks will still be able to spot you visually.
(Zoom in on mouth.)
And this we do not want. You bring ANY disturbance back here, and I will not be a happy man.
(Normal camera.)
But do this thing right, and I'm sure I can find you some more work.
(He puffs his cigar. Psycho Bob logo.)

Forgot to target Secret HQs [Picture] [Picture]
[Audio] bob2

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob's Apprentice is off-screen. The camera is looking directly
at the pizza. *Note* At 'do that job' the camera switches to a close zoom, and
looks really badly blended, like the sentence was put together from two seperate
takes of the scene. Not really relevant, but an interesting piece of trivia.)
Charlie's Secret Pizza.
(Camera looks at Bob.)
Fast food, fast taste. Yes sir.
Apprentice: Bob you're eating rubbish!
Mmm, seems good to me. Hmm, I wonder what's the secret.
(Camera zooms to the pizza, entering Bob's mouth.)
Apprentice: You don't want to know.
(Camera back to Bob.)
No, heh-heh-heh, maybe not.
(He looks at the camera.)
Look pal, our relationship can not progress until you do that job for me.
(Switch to face.)
I've invested time and equipment, and if you're serious, I expect you to do the
(Zoom to Bob's mouth.)
Come back when you've targetted the locations of those bases.
(He puts another piece of pizza in his mouth.)
See ya.
(Psycho Bob logo.)

After *Good Job* [picture] [picture]
[Audio] bob3

(Psycho Bob logo. Psycho Bob is talking into his headset communicator.)
Listen! I order, you deliver! That's the system! That's the way it works you dumb fuck! If I have to come down there again, I will personally blow-torch random individuals!
(Overhead B&W cam.)
That kind of attitude really burns my ass.
You must of heard about the bombing. Shoot,
(Normal cam.)
you might even have helped with a few. It don't matter a shit to me, either way. But if you were involved, you might have some idea of how we can get our hands on some goodies. I need triggers, and radioactive materials. Try looking in and around the locations we've squirted into your navigation system. We gotta have those components, asap. While there's still a city, to be miserable in!
(He laughs. Overhead B&W cam. Bob stands, and looks at the B&W cam.)
Bob out.
(He presses a button on his wrist-comp. Psycho Bob logo.)

Forgot to bring both trigger and matter [Picture] [Picture]
[Audio] bob4

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob is lying on the floor. The camera starts out on his torso,
and moves up to his head. He is wearing an eye protecter and mouth mask while
welding. He pulls off the mask and coughs.)
Hey, c'mon man. I need those triggers and radioactives.
One is no goddamned good without the other!
Look, I consider it a real favour. I'm up to my eyes at the mo.
I'm losing ya, neighbour.
(He replaces the mask, then removes it again.)
Where's my wrench?
(He coughs and replaces the mask. Psycho Bob logo.)

After obtaining trigger and matter [picture] [picture] [picture]
[Audio] bob5

(Psycho Bob logo. B&W cam in a corridor. Bob talks with his assistant. *Not quite sure what Bob says here, it's not very clear. But here goes.*)
Bob: Hey, there's nothing wrong with those rat suits.
Assistant: Bob, they date back to the colonial years!
(Cam crackles - moves to head close-ups)
Bob: I'll do 'em myself.
Assistant: Okay, forget it.
(Assistant walks off. Camera keeps switching between zooms. Final zoom goes to Bob's head.)
Am I a one man operation here or what?
(Camera switch to assistant, walking off. Goes back to colour, in front of Bob.)
You're a credit to us all flier. Give me a couple of days to take a look at what you found. Then I'll get back to you. You won't be disappointed.
(Camera zoom on wrist-comp. Bob presses buttons. Zoom back to Bob's face.)
Bob out.
(Psycho Bob logo.)

After *New Instructions* [picture] [picture] [picture]
[Audio] bob6

(Psycho Bob logo. Overhead B&W cam. Bob's looking at B&W cam. A doctor is continually examining Bob.)
Feeling... a little rough today flier. Yeah, guess it's something I ate.
(Normal cam. You can now see Bob has lesions and spots on parts of his face.)
Doc figures it's a little fault getting into the food chain, after those MAD SONS OF BITCHES BUMMED THE WATER SUPPLY!
(He coughs.)
We're fitting your ship with our own prototype rocket, as we speak. It's a Psycho Bobs special! It's not as big as theirs, but the next batch... will be. You think you could get into one of those bases belonging to the factions, and get one one of those wrecked fusion ships? I put the co-ordinates into your navigation system, just to be on the safe side. This could be the break we've been waiting for. Come back here if you succeed, or, if you need more ammo.
(Psycho Bob logo.)

Need more nukes [Picture] [Picture]
[Audio] bob7

(Psycho Bob logo. Normal Bob cam, Bob has spots over his face similar to
previous messages.)
That was a brave attempt, fella, but I'm afraid it's of no real use.
(Zoom to face.)
If we don't do something real soon, and get to the bottom of what is going on
around here, there is always the possibility that this may be our last day in
(He pauses.)
Take another missile.
(Zoom even closer.)
It's replay time.
(Psycho Bob logo.)

After Come On Home [picture] [picture]
Audio bob8

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob is concealed by a lack of light. You can make out part of his head, bathed in red light.)
Way to go man. Got yourself a crate of beer for that one.
(He leans forward. His entire face is covered in boils and other deformities. His voice sounds very grating.)
We'll get this analysed. But in the mean time, keep your ears open... for a new transmission from us.
(He pulls back into the darkness, and laughs almost undetectably. Psycho Bob logo.)

After Unknown Origin Analysis [picture] [picture]
Audio bob9

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob is lying on a grey bed, the camera overhead at about 20 degrees. There is no uninfected skin on his face. There is a rhythmic black shadow passing over Bob; like a fan is above him. He's speech is slowed.)
We ran a whole... battery of tests... on that unknown cargo...
The results are pretty dark, my friend...
It appears to be... some kind of... carbon-based machine... as far as we can work out.
(Zoom to face on 'DNA')
But get this... it's made from human... DNA.
Some Frankenstein is making machines... out of our own people... down there in the Port district.
Klamp-G... and Lazarus... are giving them... exactly... what they want...
And in return... they get weapons... and fusion powered ships.
(Normal camera. There is a long pause as Bob struggles to light a cigar. His hand shakes as he moves the lighter to the end of the cigar. After taking the first puff, he coughs. The camera slowly zooms until it reaches the eyes/nose position at the end.)
Ain't life cheap? That Gangbanger was right after all...
No wonder Charlie's Secret Pizza... went out of business yesterday...
This is Psycho Bob... leaning to the left...
Transmission... over...
(The screen slowly fades to black. No logo.)


Psycho Bob 2 - Syd 1 [Picture] [Picture]
[Audio] sid1

(Psycho Bob 2 logo [has a different animation to the Bob 1 logo, but it's the
same image]. The camera starts off with 100% static, then activates to an empty
room, but Syd walks on from the right and sits at the desk, behind a
Hello? Syd here. Welcome to Psycho Bob... 2, weaponsmith for the discerning.
(The screen goes blank with static then returns to normal.)
Oh. Sorry flier, you're at the wrong address. You're supposed to be at Psycho
Bob 1.
Apologies for any inconvenience.
(He leans forward onto the mic and it gives way. He falls forward. No logo.)

Psycho Bob 2 - Syd 2 [Picture] [Picture]

(Psycho Bob 2 logo. Same scene as Syd 1. The camera has bending distortion
effect all the way through.)
Hi, I'm Syd. Welcome to Psycho Bob 2, weaponsmith... no, Bob's not here, you'll
have to contact him at Psycho Bob 1. The main concern here is weapons research.
(The camera turns to 100% static for a second, then returns to normal. *Note*
This is to disguise the re-take for the second part. Having Benjamin Shepherd
act the scene then fall off the desk perfectly in the same take probably proved
Sorry flier.
(He smiles, leans on the desk with his elbow, but it gives way. He falls over.
No logo.)

Psycho Bob 2 - Syd 3 [Picture] [Picture]

(Psycho Bob 2 logo. Scene as in Syd 1. Syd is wearing a mouth mask.)
This is Sy...
(He removes the mask and it slips down over his neck.)
This is Syd at Psycho Bob 2.
Sorry, you're expected at Psycho Bob 1. You'll have to fly over there.
(He begins to lean back in his chair.)
Travel safely.
(The chair gives way. The scene cuts out before he falls any great distance. No

After the Apprentice's message [picture] [picture]
Audio app1

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob's apprentice is directly in front of the camera, but solemnly avoids looking at the camera. Bob has died from his illness.)
It's a sad day for all of us. Bob did some inspired work.
(She looks at the camera.)
He wouldn't want us to give up fighting now.
We have one more nuclear device. It's being fitted to your ship right now.
Take it to the tunnel linking the Mine and Port craters and see if you can open the place up.
(Close-up cam.)
Bob was certain that Lazarus or Klamp were hiding something in there.
Come back when you've finished. Good luck, aviator.
(She looks down and touches a control off-screen. Psycho Bob logo.)

After failing to destroy the Port Blockage [picture]
Audio app2

(Psycho Bob logo. Camera as in Port Block 1.)
We need to get a better look at what the corporations are sitting on in the port area. We need to create a bigger bang. We've got the raw materials thanks to a lucky windfall during the convoy raids. With enough distraction, we can build the mother of all warheads. You must keep the gangs and factions preoccupied. Fly carefully.
(Psycho Bob logo.)

After normal action period [picture] [picture]
Audio app3

(Psycho Bob logo. Camera as in Port Block 1. She talks into a hand-held communicator for a moment.)
Are we ready?
(Her eyes dart back and forth as she listens to the response. Zoom to face.)
A couple of techs are fitting a missile to your ship.
We think the corporations are hiding an escape route from this dirtball situated in the back of Port district. You are going to go in, and open it up.
If e really does equal mc squared, then this missile is going to open up that rear-entrance like a nuclear laxative.
Good luck.
(Psycho Bob logo.)

After the Port Storm Rescue [picture] [picture]
Audio app4

(Psycho Bob logo. Normal camera as in Port Block 1, starts out as zoomed to face.)
Still in one piece flier?
(Normal camera.)
From that experience in the Port area, it seems you need better shields.
A Fusion Drive is an exotic item, but it's the only thing powerful enough to soup up your defence system.
(Zoom to face.)
You could try the convoys on coming back from their body drops at Port.
If and when you acquire one, drop it off here and I'll give you further instructions.
(She pauses.)
Your carcass is probably one of the most sought after in the city. Watch yourself out there.
(She turns back to her typing. Psycho Bob logo.)

After obtaining a Fusion Cell [picture] [picture]
Audio app5

(Psycho Bob logo. The Apprentice walks in from the left (your left) in the same corridor as seen in After Obtaining Trigger and Matter. She is holding a clipboard.)
So you got the Fusion Drive? You're full of surprises aviator.
(Slight zoom out.)
There's an operative over at Bob 2. He can wire up the engine to your shield.
Syd is the only engineer in the city who knows the correct procedure.
Once fitted, you should be able to find out exactly what's happening in the Port area.
Get over there now, there's no time to lose.
(Normal cam. She walks away from the camera, eventually off to the right of the screen.)
Don't blow it now, flier. We're too close.
(Psycho Bob logo.)

Prison Oubliette - Klamp's warning
[picture] [picture] [picture] [picture] [picture]

(Prison logo. Camera is central, and the Warden is standing on the left. He approaches the center of the screen. Note: All text in {} is spoken by the computer.)
Persistance has it own rewards, pilot. On this occasion, I have no other choice. Should I give you what you want, I wonder...
(Close-up cam.)
Can you handle what you're buying into?
Code 101 activated {Code 1} Access is {Accepted} granted.
(The Warden storms off to the right. The screen goes blank for a few seconds. Then it reappears, looking directly at a beaten and battered Syd. He's standing, but stumbles frequently. The camera is very grainy, and constantly changes colour, moving from colour to monochrome.)
They can go anywhere now... even into the Port crater.
I worked a way to wire a moth's shield into one of those weird... fusion engines.
They're more powerful than... ever.
(The door slides open off screen. Footsteps approach.)
Get... to Hightower. Xavier... Lazarus...
(Laser shots are fired. Syd grunts, and falls to the floor, off screen. The Klamp-G spokesperson walks on from the right, smiling.)
What a waste. Of ammunition I mean.
(Camera switches to Syd, dead on the floor.)
He was doomed, quite naturally.
(Camera back to Klamp person.)
And here you are. The aviator. You could have enjoyed the pleasures and benefits of a career with Klamp. If this city is to drag itself out of the cesspool we need to eradicate the scum.
Not that you're any worse than most. Misplaced Optimism is full of the maverick breed. At least you can console youself with the fact you won't be the first. Or indeed the last. Enjoy your future aviator. It's short, but very bright.
(No logo.)

After going to Bob 2/Prison Oubliette [picture] [picture]
Audio app6

(Psycho Bob logo. Camera as in Port Block 1. The Apprentice runs in from the left. The room is filling with smoke, an alarm can be heard in the distance.)
The whole things been blown open, the factions are onto us! You're on your own now flier! Good luck on the outside...
(A loud popping noise can be heard. The Apprentice reacts, and runs off to the right. Three men wearing gas masks, entirely dressed in black, run in from the left. They are each holding some sort of pipe. They start smashing everything around. One of the men starts to run off to the right, but notices the camera. He swings his pipe at it, and the transmission ends in static.)

Xavier Lazarus

First Meeting [Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3]

(Lazarus logo. Xavier, an old man, is lying on some sort of bed, with a reflective screen above him. He holds a small remote control with a joystick on it in his right hand.)
Ah... a visitor. One with a face...
I'd offer you some tea but for our rude means of communication...
You probably don't remember tea.
I see you have recieved them too. Please, allow me to translate.
(He twiddles with the joystick and it beeps.)
It has taken me a while. In time, anything can be solved.
(He twiddles with the joystick again.)
There... the results have been loaded into your mail system.
(A typewriter noise is heard, probably displaying the message to Xavier. He looks offscreen.)
Ah... interesting. Yes...
Call again when you have more transmissions. I look forward to it.
Farewell, Flier.
(Lazarus logo.)

Second Meeting

(Lazarus logo.)
So, you return. You have more transmissions from our friends in Port?
We'll have those translated eh?
(He twiddles with the joystick.)
Call again, Flier.
(Lazarus logo.)

Third Meeting (Recurring)

(Lazarus logo.)
You have more communications for our friends in Port?
(He twiddles with the joystick.)
Call again, Flier.
(Lazarus logo.)

Fourth Meeting - After Klamp's Warning

(Camera starts out looking at Xavier. It moves to the reflective screen with 'I wish'.)
Ah... still alive eh? I wish I could say the same for myself.
(Switch to Xavier's face. It slowly zooms out.)
Soon, it will all be over.
Not much left for you here flier. Up here, I can intercept the transmissions of the entire city.
(Reflective view.)
Mundane, mostly. However, your escapades have made my Winter most entertaining.
(Zoomed out view, zooming in to his face.)
They will kill you, eventually, of course. They always do.
That is why you must leave.
They should have been our friends, you know.
(Reflective view, zooming into the mirror.)
That could not be so.
Syd, that unfortunate young man. His information has led to the creation of a prototype craft.
(Zooms out from mirror.)
The vessel is unarmed, but it will allow an individual to safely enter the Port area.
Escape is your only chance. I have taken the liberty of informing your ship computer of it's location. They will be leaving soon. If I were in your position, I would take the invitation seriously.
(Quick zoom to face, then reflective.)
One other thing; I understand that it is not your favoured mode of travel, but the cab or monorail would not betray your identity as easily as your moth.
(Normal, slow zooming out camera.)
Farewell, flier.
To the next life...
(Lazarus logo.)

Singular Videos

The Intro Movie
[Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]
[Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]
[Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]
[Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]
[Flash Movie]
[Audio] hardstart

(*Note: You may have noticed from the above picture that Hardwar Veteran is played by the same actor who plays Psycho Bob. That's all really.* Starts off with a pounding sound, like hitting a drum with a soft-head beater [music isn't my forte]. All you can see is Hardwar Veteran's hand. He lights a cigarette. You hear him puff on it. He flexes his hand; his knuckles are red raw from the cold. The camera moves to his face.)
I had a girl once.
(A girl is seen in front of a camera. You hear her speak in {}, and bullets are fired.)
She's gone. {Suck on that, space boy!}
(The image of his girl repeats on the screen, like a broken record. Friendly dog barks are heard.)
I had a dog too.
(A B&W photo of the dog is seen. It's a Jack Russell.)
He didn't understand.
(The dog barks turn angry.)
He bit me one time.
(He motions to a scar just in front and above of his right temple, and the barks stop.)
I knew. I had a ship.
(A thin, sleek police moth maneouvers around a moon moth in what appears to be a large hangar, with a ceiling and floor, three walls, but with a large open side. Think airlocks like Star Trek or Star Wars.)
That's when it all started.
(The moths fly away from the building and it explodes.)
There's no good, or bad.
(You see a room full of missiles. The room is flashing in a Red Alert way and there's a siren. It's a very quick scene.)
You don't ask no questions.
(You see the the Police Uber-Clerk through the Police video format.)
PUC: Hardcase are we sir?
Everything you've ever known, is gone.
Leave it. Walk away.
(As he continues, a small montage shows radioactive barrels, and the sun rising on Titan.)
Fractions, equations, right, wrong, Heaven, Hell. Forget it.
(A missile flies towards a building. A turret aims towards it.)
Forget everything.
(The missile hits the building and explodes.)
There's no yesterday, or tomorrow.
(A black screen says, "Titan. Territory: [Misplaced] Optimism. Population: 20,000" and the number scrolls down rapidly.)
All you want's a piece of the action.
(He cocks his laser pistol. It hums as it loads.)
And everyone wants a piece of you.
(A skeleton in a space suit flies through space.)
And what are they gonna say when all this is all over.
(A guy gets beaten up on the floor, elsewhere.)
You think they like you? You think they want to be your friend?
(The PUC briefly appears on screen.)
You can't trust anyone. 'Cause they don't trust you.
(Jason Lazarus rotates on his chair.)
They don't understand when you do something wrong. They want you to pay for it.
(You see a cam move through a corridor. A white light passes over a grated floor; the camera is beneath the floor.)
The future used to be something to look forward to.
(A building explodes. The camera is very close to HV's face.)
It's a crock a' shit.
There's a war going on out there.
(The word 'War' flies in from the right with a metallic clunk.)
And it ain't easy.
(The word 'Hard' flies in from the left with a metallic clunk. A moon-moth shoots out from Titan's atmosphere, and Titan turns red and volcanic. 'HardWar' appears on the screen and the rest goes blank. The Future Is Greedy is burned in green under it, and the [] on top of the a is locked on.)

Gang Boy - After completion of Help!
[picture] [picture] [picture] [picture] [picture]

(No logo. There are three main cameras; Standard front view, a very clear below view with little + in the four corners of the screen, and a close B&W cam near Gang Boy's belt.)
Oh you're good.
(+ cam, switches to B&W at the end of the sentence as he sheathes his knife.)
Beats me why you aren't working for a gang already.
(Normal cam.)
But hey, I'm glad you're not. Or I might have been part of that cargo myself.
(+ cam.)
Oh yeah. Klamp-G and the Lazarus Family have been shipping their bodies out to Port.
(Normal cam.)
Oh, that's right. Stiffs. Why? Beats the shit outta me.
(Camera switches between many different views as he arms himself.)
Look, as soon as food production went through the roof a few weeks back, more and more pork has been going through the door. Hmm?
(Normal cam.)
Now we never used to take the bodies all the way out there. We just recycled the poor bastards in the towers where they died.
(More quick cam switching.)
Yeah alright, I'm outta here. Or they'll be looking for me, hmm?
Hey, one thing I learned as a kid; you wanna disappear in this place, you go on foot.
(+ cam. He looks around.)
The Fusion Engine...
(Normal cam.)
It's yours. You know what doesn't make any sense?
(Close up, then normal cam.)
Bodies go there. Bombs come back.
Crazy planet we live on, ain't it?
And watch your E numbers.
(Message closes.)

Gang Boy - Press release at Hardwarp FM
[picture] [picture] [picture]

(Hardwarp FM logo. The Gang Defector [quite an old man] walks in, to be blinded by the flashes of cameras. They die down and he talks. The camera consistently shifts to different angles, some of them B&W. *His first line is impossible to understand. I hope I got it right.*)
Can't do this no more.
Pain o' death is their incentive. I can't function under those conditions!
I forget how many... we took so many...
Bodies, down to the Port district.
Old people. Women. Children.
Heh, it doesn't matter to them as long as the machinery keeps turning!
Whatever's happening down there, it's using up more and more of the city's population!
Someone's got to put a stop to this madness!
The factions shouldn't be allowed to do this. Take normal people like me. Take bodies down there and bring dangerous radioactive cargo back!
And for what? For the honour of becoming radiation shielding myself one day!
My brother disappeared last week. My own brother!
Do you understand? Do ya?
Bodies? Radioactives? Garbled Messages? Xavier...!
Old man Lazarus. Him! He knows.
(He taps his forehead and gestures pointing up. Hardwarp logo.)

The Final Cutscene
[picture] [picture] [picture] [picture] [picture]
[picture] [picture] [picture] [picture] [picture]
[picture] [picture] [picture]
[Audio] finalout

Since this cutscene has no speech, I can explain it without the parentheses.
The whole cutscene is played out to the song Dome Epais (The Flower Duet) by Leo Delibes. If you don't know what it sounds like, there's a midi here. The first 10 seconds aren't played, but the rest is. It's also played much slower, and has the opera singers in it (it's called a duet for a reason.) It's worth pointing out that all the buildings are pre-rendered here. They never use in-game graphics for cutscenes. Makes it look that little bit nicer.

It starts out with a zoom to Xavier Lazarus. He's holding a new remote and clutching it to his chest.
The Alien Mothership blasts off from the Abandoned Terminal, as the East Mass Driver explodes. As it shoots through the atmosphere, a blue energy bolt shoots out of it, and pulls your moth up with it. There's a brief close-up of your moon-moth. The Mothership continues to ascend, pulling your moth closer and closer to it.
It switches to a side-shot of Xavier, starting with the hand. You can clearly see a small red button on the remote.
The camera turns to look at Xavier. The camera then switches again;
to Police Chief Saffle, typing away;
to Jason Lazarus, sitting in his chair;
to the second gang-defector, smiling grimly with a bottle of something;
to the Gang Boy, raising his hands in surrender and turning to face whoever is off-screen. There is a building exploding in the background.
The blue energy beam has turned into some kind of appendage, and it closes up around your moth. Then the appendage is absorbed back into the Mothership, and it's rate of ascent becomes even more rapid.
Back to Xavier. The camera moves down to a side-shot of the remote, slowly moving down and fading between angles, getting closer, and closer. At the maximum zoom, Xavier firmly pushes down on the red button.
A building explodes (it might be the Lazarus HQ building, I'll check).
The Mothership rockets through the atmosphere.
Chief Saffle looks up from his typing.
The Klamp-G spokesperson looks very frightened in a flashing-red corridor.
Jason Lazarus turns his head to the camera.
Chief Saffle's electronic monocle falls out.
The building continues to explode.
The bottom of the Mothership is now completely white from sheer engine power. It smashes it's way through the atmosphere.
The Gang Boy moves his hands down and draws his laser pistols, firing at the unseen enemy.
The Mothership is almost free from the atmosphere.
The second Gang Defector looks at the large monitor behind him, playing some film, and keeps smiling.
The camera zooms out from Xavier, showing an image of Syd, and then the Apprentice at half opacity.
There's a close-up shot of the Apprentice from an earlier cutscene, then a close-up of Psycho Bob from an early cutscene.
The Mothership flashes red as it escapes the planet. In the same view, the entire surface of Titan instantly turns red and volcanic.
The Mothership shoots through space, and Titan explodes in a turquoise blast. The Mothership outruns the turquoise shockwave, and as the shockwave dissipates, the Mothership flies off, and becomes another glinting light amoung the stars.
Fade to black.



Police Fine - Chief Saffle 1 [Picture] [Picture]

(Police logo. Chief Saffle walks on from the left.)
Think of it as saving for that rainy day sir.
(Close up on face.)
After all, you never know what's going to happen... out there.
So much... safer world with us around the corner.
Steady as she goes sir.
(Normal camera. Saffle walks off to the left. Police logo: You serve, we

Police Fine - Chief Saffle 2 [Picture] [Picture]

(Police logo. Close up on Saffle's face.)
At ease flier.
(Camera distorts.)
I recognise a gentleman of this kind when I see one.
A payment in time, saves nine, as they say.
Keep up the good work.
(Saffle walks off to the left. Police logo: You serve, we protect.)

Police Fine - Chief Saffle 3

(Police logo. Saffle moves in from the left. Camera as in Saffle 1.)
Thank you very much sir.
It's all part of the service.
(Close up on face.)
(Saffle walks off to the left. Police logo: You serve, we protect.)

Police Fine - Police Uber Clerk 1 [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]

(Police logo. Front shot of the Uber Clerk. The camera has extreme distortion,
that ripples with change that ranges from colour distortion, to bending, to
pixelation. In the top corner, the words 'Link Unstable' are printed.)
There, that wasn't too painful.
We're similar to waiters; we like our tips.
The police are here to protect and to serve.
You serve, and we protect.
It wouldn't be nice if anything were to happen to you, out there.
(Police logo: You serve, we protect.)

Police Fine - Police Uber Clerk 2 [Picture]

(Police logo. Camera as in PUC 1.)
In a world without taxes,
('Link Unstable' becomes 'Transmission Secure'. The camera becomes clear, with
some slight static occasionally.)
it's implaudible to channel money back into the system.
At least with us you'll always know what the time is.
Have a safe flight sir.
('Transmission Secure' becomes 'Link Unstable' The camera turns all
super-coloured. Police logo: You serve, we protect.)

Police Fine - Police Uber Clerk 3 [Picture]

(Police logo. The PUC walks up to the camera.)
What the eye never sees, the heart never grieves.
Thank you for your generosity sir.
(Police logo: You serve, we protect.)

Ship Impounded - Chief Saffle 4 [Picture] [Picture]

(Police logo. Saffle is sitting at a desk. He takes out his monocle. Two masked
techs are working behind him. He looks off to his right. An offscreen officer
Is there really no-one else able to take this transmission?
Officer: Sorry sir, working on another case right now sir.
Absolute bloody shower the lot of you.
(He looks at the camera. Close up on shoulders and head.)
So, just what do you hope to achieve by this?
I think some kind of punative action is in order, what?
If there is a next time, I suggest you become a trifle more generous.
(He stamps his book.)
Ship impounded, over and out roger.
Roger... yes...
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)

Ship Impounded - Chief Saffle 5 [Picture]

(Police logo. Scene as in Saffle 4.)
Sorry sir. Examples are an imperative when discouraging such... abominable
Well, I suppose that's your lot then. No remission.
(He stamps his book. Close up on face.)
Ship impounded. There.
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)

Ship Impounded - Chief Saffle 6 [Picture] [Picture]

(Police logo. Saffle is at the desk, and there are four crying convict children
next to him, dressed in red t-shirts.)
Now now then, no tears. I pilfered a few candy bars when I was a youngster.
Only I was never caught.
Get them out of here. Look alive man!
Child: HATE you!
(The children are escorted off to the left.)
One really ought to take police fines more seriously sir.
Too late now though. What a pity.
(He stamps his book.)
Ship impounded.
(He picks up a newspaper.)
A little parental guidance, that's all it takes.
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)

Ship Impounded - Police Uber Clerk 4

(Police logo. Camera as in Uber 3.)
Security and insurance are exotic around here sir.
This payoff is the best indemnity you'll find.
(The PUC looks to his right as someone gets beaten up. The camera switches to
see vague shots of the person getting beaten up. The camera switches back to the
PUC, but the punching sounds continue.)
Relax. You're in safe hands.
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)

Ship Impounded - Police Uber Clerk 5 [Picture]

(Police logo. The camera angle is the same as Uber 3, but the screen is
distorted, the bottom third of the screen has rolled over to become the top
You've made a terrible mistake flier.
Call me old fashioned, but I think you're going to regret this deeply.
Good luck, outside.
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)

Prison Oubliette

Warning 1 [Picture] [Picture]
[Audio] war1

(Prison Oubliette logo. The camera starts out at torso level then lifts up to
the Warden's face. There is a heavy echo whenever the Warden speaks.)
You have no business here pilot, this is a place of internment, a place of...
The Chosen, are here for a purpose;
The consideration of right and wrong. The understanding of good,
(He raises his stick, and the top glows orange. The camera switches to the top
right (his right) part of his head, then back to normal.)
and evil.
Time has no place here.
Promises and platitudes are needless.
There can be no interruptions.
(Prison Oubliette logo.)

Warning 2 [Picture]

(Prison Oubliette logo. Close zoom to the Warden's face.)
This is a restricted area.
Visitation is for the privileged few, a reward for the faithful.
Leave us!
(Prison Oubliette logo.)

Warning 3 [Picture] [Picture]

(Prison Oubliette logo. Zoomed out view of the Warden.)
The rules are simple.
To understand the soul one must understand the flesh.
(Zoomed in view.)
If you are Chosen, pray that I forget your face.
(Prison Oubliette logo.)

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