Online & Offline Challenges by Wez
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Hell In the Cell DeathMatch - updated 07/03/2003

Deathmatch Hell in the cell idea
First in the offline game blow open Klamp-G Secret base.
Launch the game then have a death match inside the secret base, where the winner is the first to fight their way to freedom. Make it even harder by fighting your way out and then picking up a flag item to fight your way back in with and deposit on the bottom platform of the base. This will probably work best if you have at least 4 players involved Add weapons like fireburst into the mix to really add to the mayhem. No where to run no where to hide only the toughest sob's will fight there way to deathmatch glory (guess that counts me out, who wants to live forever anyway).

Online moth building challenge

2 teams play to get highrise motors & downtown moths buildinging moths,
all moths deposited for viewing at the teams base hanger (or god hanger)
You get different points according to moth type built
1 point for silver Y-s
2 for standard base stock moths (neo tiger, moon, & hawk)
3 for deaths head, 4 for police & swallows
(moth builders must still have there base stock or team is disqualified or has relevant points deducted)
Only moths built buy surviving players count
I don't know if it's easier to get one moth builder to make moths than the other so perhaps teams
have to swap builders every couple of hardwar days

Pirate Moth building challege

Online or Offline.. Alone or in Teams
Build as many different moths as you can
but the twist is you're not allowed to buy any of the items needed to get the moth built
every thing must be obtained by piracy
- easier if you buy a hanger and collect together all you need before making the runs to the moth builder
- make it harder by not having a hanger in the moth building crater

Online Trade war

2 or more teams Buy or Pirate as much inventory as they can and deposit at their base hanger
- put on sale at end of the game to count up who has the most valuable stock pile
- or check how much money you have before and after selling all stock to trade central
- jettison items outside team base hanger so one pilot can deposit all the items

Online Pirate hanger capture

Team with the most pirate hangers wins

Online Hanger to hanger race

Test your flying skills by getting to your opponents hanger first
-make it more difficult by having high value cargo and no weapons

Hide the swallow(s)

you each hop into a swallow and hide it in another hanger,
then taxi (god hanger) back to your own moth and hunt for your opponents swallow
you get double points if you can find the hiden swallow
and shoot your opponent before they find yours,

- turn off the pilot joining game target options etc
- you could leave your original moth in the god hanger
- taxi/teleport to get the swallows
- jump back to god hanger once swallows are hidden

To make it a little easier and less likely for cheating
assign one set of craters to one player to hide the swallow
and another to the other player
player 1 gets alpha, mines and gamma
player 2 gets riverside, reservoir & highrise
downtown being offlimits except to fly through

- you're only allowed to use radar range & sight to look for each other
- only lock on once you have found the hiden swallow
- delete your lock on each other at the end of the round to start again.

Flying backwards race, using an external view

- A weird idea just in case you thought I was sensible
just try it even offline you quickly see how disoriented you get having all your controls back to front,
trying not to knock yourself to death yet alone win a race againt your opponent, a little bit of trivial fun

Narc run

Buy 10 narc from general industrial, then do laps of misplaced optimism, selling 1 narc per lap to shanty in
lap = reservoir - highrise - downtown - alpha - shanty in - mines - midway - gamma - riverside ....
up to you what moth you choose to make the challenge harder or easier

Capture the flag Team Game

Idea for CTF style game

2 Teams
Each with a dropped item they have to protect
you get points for capturing the enemies item
and dropping it back at your base point

Base point
- light well
- building top
- tunnel entrance

- leave AI pilots out of the game so they don't try to salvage items
- or use Unknown origin, everyone need superdrones for that.
- set game up with moth hoping so you can save time getting good

Hall of fame, pilot rankings etc


Team Assault Game - updated 19/02/2003

teams guard each of the two secret bases
part of your team defends and the other part has to assault your opponents base,
e.g. get into the base past the guards
perhaps jettison something there as proof at the end count up the items to keep score.
alternatively take turns assaulting to deposit a flag item e.g. unknown origin.
how long can your opponent keep you from getting into the base and dropping the item