Many thanks to All the dedicated programmer's who have devoted their time to these patches.

Please note. I don't always have time to keep this page completely current with all the downloads available here. See the uploads link above for a the area I have created to allow community members to upload there hardwar utilities modifications and enhancements. I request that you try to upload in .zip format with a comprehensive enclosed readme file which includes your contact information. Date the work was made and a full description of it's purpose. I naturally reserve the right to remove anything i consider out of date / superceeded / inappropriate .. pm me on one of the boards if you spot anything that falls into this category.

New by Flap December 2003

This year santa claus comes a bit earlier...
Here is the first "real" release of my mod (the last one was just to get a bit of fed back and made for advertising purpose...)

So, now, the mod, with the documentation (excuse my english, but there still must hundreds of mistakes. I can't even write properly in french... So how could I do it in english), and the source code (but unfortunately, contrary to what i wrote it is not yet documentated in english. Time, time, time...)

And also a very tiny bit a script to understand how it works (But, the script from the prerelease can't be used with this version... I'll translate it later)

Have fun.

I'd love to see new scripts when I'll come back after christmas !

Merry Christmas every body !

(Oh, and it still only for U2.04. I don't if it works whith any other versions)

Mis[opian] download

Economomy Monitoring program Dec 2003.

see board thread for details as yet I haven't had time to test/use it.

download 125k zip

New by Max 29th June 2003

Net mod.. for beta 3.5 add's a small pod to your silverY at start up in a network game
netmod.exe download 5k zip.. extract and run from your hardwar folder

Dealer mod.. for beta 3.4/3.5 exhanced!!!! version of the dealer start up scenario for offline games.. Includes the Abemod (afterburner on demand).. As an optional extra.. you're gonna need it
you get a deathhead with some extra equipment.. also if you survive the challenge you'll have a few plot items in your hangar to be able to complete the plot past the trigger/matter/fusion part stages.
dealermod.exe download 11k zip.. extract and run from your hardwar folder.

by Max 10th June 2003

New builds of previous patches to eliminate a few reported bugs.
also 2 new extra versions of the afterburner patch (U3.5 only)
Adds afterburner toggle by starshell or Afterburner Fuelled by star shells
- for these new versions you don't even need to have an afterburner installed !!!
I've also taken the liberty of adding a few batch files that include the -r parameter to uninstall each of the above, for your convenience & mine. Also I've put the whole lot into one self extracting zip exe which installs the whole set to c:\program files\hardwar\ (you can over ride that when running the exe)
Or download the normal zip version instead.
Max030610.exe Download 69k Download 32k

Previous version By Max 8th June 2003

Patches for joystick throttle in beta 3.3 & 3.4 & 3.5
Patches to fix the corrupt save games in beta 3.5, economy patch for 3.5
Patch to give you quick burst constant use afterburner (tested in 3.4 & 3.5)
ALL !! in one tiny zip file download 21kb
extract the zip then copy the files relevant to your patch to the HARDWAR folder.. then run them from there.

By Wez 26 Feb 2004

3.04 Negative deposit cheat fix.

Thanks to info from Max :-)
i was able to make this beta304 patch to disable negative deposit cheating.
It will still allow normal deposits to be made.

304DespositStop.exe 75k Download to your hardwar folder and run from there.
it changes 1 byte at hex 0x48cd7 from 0x7d to 0x73


By Wez 17th July 2003

Version 2 of Cell Mod.

Cellmod. download 80k zip download 200k exe - save and run from your hardwar folder.. readme
Tested on beta3.5 but should also work on 2.04 & 3.4

Cell 1 capacity 40k recharge 400
Cell 2 capacity 100k recharge 800
cell 3 capacity 100k recharge 1600
cell 4 capacity 200k recharge 1600

2 additional options added.
2nd turns cell4 into a fusion cell.. except you can't fly as high as the real thing.
3rd option restores original cell data.

By Wez 24th June 2003

Rev2 of Speed Patch. 3.5 beta only.. other versions will follow after all feedback revisions have been added.
The silverY is faster than everything except police & swallow.. but all moths are faster than the original
In addition.. i've rebalance the cells. giving them a little less power but progressively faster recharge rates.
Also !!!!! I've replaced the alien shape with the Deaths Head.. So if you blag an alien moth.. It will be have like an alien moth but you can now see out of it.. load weapons & fire them at what you target... without crashing the game
As requested by prometheus i've cut the weapons bays in the silverY to 2.. this complements it's speed & lighter weight making it a nice little fighter.. or quick light trader.

HardwarW.exe download zip file and extract to your hardwar folder replacing your original hardwarW.exe
alternative removeable mod version extracted from above by Max (Many thanks!!)
RACEmod.exe download 7k zip.. extract and run from your hardwar folder.

22nd June 2003

Been working on this all weekend with the new info shared by Max, smurph and others on the board, and my own take on things.

What i've done..
Patched 3.5 hardwarW.exe
with max's savegame fix, b5econ. latest test2 version.
- fixes maximum prices to a level any half way competent trader can earn enough cash for.
- Set's production recipe's to get things made somewhat quicker.
- also set's new pilot's in online games to have economy permission
- that means you can find out prices etc, but not change someone else's game
patched with abemod.. afterburner on demand
patched with largest pod cargo 120
patched to remove deposit cheating

.. My additions
To complement the afterburner patch.. there's need for updated cell's.. also it has long be reported and accepted that cell2 is better than cell3 & cell4..
I've rebalanced those cell's, giving each greater capacity, and faster recharge times.
All engines have been uprated.. A silver Y can now fly around 600mph.
But all other moths have been uprated to. Top of the line swallow will exceed 1000mph, Hit the afterburner and your in for a rush.

I've done my best to balance the speeds across the range of moths.
E.g i've made the moon moth slightly lighter than the neo-tiger.
So it will fly a little quicker if both are fitted with engine 2..
I figure that's fair given it can't be upgrade to engine 3.

After using Max's largest pod mod..
I've slightly upgrade each of the other pods
smallest now has 3x10..
with each larger pod increasing either in cargo slots or quantity per cargo.

HardwarW download 590k zip .. save and extract to your hardwar folder
pre-requisite is to have 3.5 beta patch installed.


Beta3.5 Admin game
- Basically you own All the major (non-faction businesses)
If you start the game and log in as Admin you'll own them.. if you don't you won't
You can tell all the factories what to produce, quantities, prices etc
Set up a moth factory that only produces the moths you want
Even shut a business down completely if you choose
In addition I've added smurphs hack to exchange bodyparts for fusionpart/matter&trigger
This ONLY works if your logged in as Admin.. you'll own restricted area.. unload bodyparts you get free goodies.

download -- 98k zipped .sav game

-- Note this game was made running Max's excellent economy & fixbgid (corrupt save game) patches.
See above & refer to Ade's notice board for further updates.
Please see the thread i posted there if you have any problems/suggestions etc for the Admin game.

8th June

Replacement afterburner sound files - by Wez for use with Max's afterburner patch
Version 1 download 131kb - quiet version make sound after you release afterburner.
Version 2 download 136kb - constant sound version
save your chosen version AS "after.wav" to your HARDWAR folder

Hardwar.wld file that so far has fixed the AI tunnel bug between downtown & alpha
self extracting zip defaults to extract to c:\program files\hardwar\hardwar.wld
hardwar.wld download fixed version
hardwar.wld download original (unpatched) version.

NEW - BY PlaguedMind


ASROC .. automatic server restart on crash. Dec 2003

This utitlity attempts to restarting a crashed online dedicated hardwar server.
i've tested it with 2.04 & 3.05 for weeks at a time with excellent results (wez)
download 181k zip.

Run from your hardwar folder. all the options should be self explanatory.
see ade's board thread..


ALIEN MOTH cockpit fix. Dec 2003

download 3k zip - unzip to hardwar folder.. blag a moth as ADMIN to use it.
ade's board thread..


See the results i've been able to achieve with these excellent tools on my skin packs page.

SPR (Sprite editor) - finally we can repaint some of the textures used in hardwar..
- converts spr files to bmp's for you to paint and then convert back to spr.
27th March updated version 3 fixes bug in alphamask and rotation of some bmps + crashes in software mode
30th March new batch conversion mode added.
download 207k zip - includes readme file.

Pal colour file editor converter
download 206k zip - includes readme file.

Resedit - Yes another resource extractor.. difference though is this one can put files back into hardwar.res
download 263k zip - includes readme file.

SHP viewer - version 1 of plagueminds plans to make a shp file editor.. this version lets you view and rotate shp files
download 293k zip - includes readme file.

All these programs have only just been released so please let plaguemind know of any bugs/issues you have with them either via email (see readme in zip files) or via's Captain Zedo's hardwar forum.

NEW Joint Efforts by Muneer Ilyas & Plagued Mind.. Jan 2004

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2004 5:45 pm Post subject: Hardwar Version Switcher v1.0


Hi all, it's been a long time.

I just finished making this piece of software. Basically, I was getting fed up with those self extracting patches so I made this software that will quickly patch to any version you want. Read the readme for more detailed explanations. Extract the files into your hardwar directory and enjoy.

download 7mb self extracting zip.

download 4mb rar.. requires winrar


5th April 2003

This nice little proggy will allow you to swap any buildings around on the map. All the properties and ownership etc of the buildings will change and they will take the shape of the building they are taking over.
Building Swapping Util. download 43k zip file.
- Download and unzip to your hardwar folder..
- Use one of the res extractors to get "hardwar.wld" copy that to your hardwar folder
- print off the building list included in the zip file.
- then run the buildingswapper program
- any 2 building id's you enter will swap those buildings
- e.g. put waterfront booze where downtown 05 is and downtown 05 where waterfront booze is.

NEW: This util will allow you to fix the police system of Hardwar. The numbers of police are carefully balanced and they respawn around all the police garrisons evenly, therefore there is a nice thin spread of them accross titan. Because its a lot of work to release it for all the versions of hardwar, this util is only for versions U2.04, U3.00 betas 3 to 5.
Get it here: Police Enabling util. download 201k .. save & run from your hardwar folder.

Opening video disabling tool. It will disable the opening video for the following versions of Hardwar: F2.0, U2.04, U3.00b1, U3.00b2, U3.00b3, U3.00b4, U3.00b5.
Video Skipping Util download 201k - save and run from your hardwar folder.

New: 13th April 03.. Admin patch.. Log on using any name in the beta3 patches and you'll have admin permissions.. (previously you had to log in as Admin.. or use use a telnet client to give permissions to your regular name)
Always Admin download 201k - save and run from your hardwar folder.

This util will skip the free disk space check made in versions F2.0 and F2.1 of the Hardwar installation. It is usefull where you are getting a Free disk space error message even though you know you have enough free space.
Free disk space check skipping util download 68k


Moth viewer made by SR download 241k zip format,
just extract it and run the exe, theres nothing to install, you select what type of graphics modes to run.
You can rotate your painted moths & grab screen shots. will ownly show the moth skins you have currently selected to use in the game.

hardluck - made by SR adds an extra menu to the hardwar launcher
download 75k zip
This patch adds a new "Misc" tab to the Hardwar Manager which provides you with a number of helpful functions. With hardluck you can enable use of the god hanger through the keyboard, use the F11 and F12 debug keys to cycle through all the pilots on Titan, and enable other useful options. I used this to find the ghost tunnel for myself after fox (aka mad dog) told us about it using the fly high cheat.

Hardwar Editors

This useful tools lets your modify and customize Hardwar hangers.

You can modify a hangers stock & price, cash available, have your hanger do software upgrades, or have it's own god menu..

Want to see whats getting built besides moths in the moth factories (add buy/sell to their menu).

Want to own a hanger you haven't bought or even one that's normally not available for sale through natural means (copy your owner id from a hanger you own into the owner id box of a hanger you want and it's yours)..

You can also see a complete list of every item type available even though some are not used in the game except perhaps behind the scenes..

Disable options in the god hanger (as in hammers longterm1 game).

HardHanger was written by Solidox.

The zip includes a readme with solidox's instructions for use.
download (178KB)

HardEdit - written by solidox.. it allows you to set the prices of all items available for sale in hardwar.. also to save the pricelist as a file for re-use or distribution. works with 2.0 through 2.04
download 202k zip (save anywhere you like then view the included readme)

HardExtract - Command-line RES extractor. Extracts all the resource files (sound, pictures, and modals) that Hardwar uses from the RES files. This will work with any version. HardExtract was written by Solidox.
download (13KB)

Extractor - Another nice GUI RES extractor. Allows you individually extract files rather then all of them at once. This one was written by E_Void. aka (cypher)..
download (349KB)
I used this program to examine the res files from the full game & ordinary patched/demo and extract those missing to make the missingres.exe for the patch/demo version of hardwar so that it now has all the textures etc. (just no music or video clips)

Hardfont - A Hardwar font by Rob Hawke
download 25k zip

Hardicons - change some of your desktop icons to a hardwar theme
download 70k zip