How to Play Hardwar Online

Launch hardwar
Select connect to network game (client)
Choose internet tcp/ip connection for direct play
then enter the ip address from the relevant game below
and click ok
if the game is currently running it will list be listed within 30secs or so
click it in the list and then ok to join the game
Log in with your chosen pilot name and enjoy
remember to dock in a hanger before you log out or your left as a sitting/flying target
for any of your enemies to pick you off, or for you to crash yourself to death
The game will normally still continue when you log out

Hammers Game.
patch UIM06

ip - last updated 27th oct 2011
see zedo's board for changes

Please be aware that some of the above servers will be trying out
different patch versions so check the hardwar forum
before joining, and patch your game to the needed version

Notes When playing online

The game will play with some degree of lag, i.e. even flight will not be as responsive, at times it will feel like you have a co-pilot sitting beside you trying to fly the moth in the opposite direction to what you want, feel your way into the game slowly or you will pay the price of a quick death.


The host quite often goes away and leaves the game running for our benefit, if it crashes that game cannot be played until he/she returns and resets to the last point it was saved and everyone playing will lose whatever they have done that was not saved.

U Key = Pilot list.

Pressing the U key during the game will bring up a list of all the human players, how many kills they have made, how much cash they have and how many hangers are owned.

C Key = Chat

You can use the C key during play to broadcast messages to the other players, note that your control of the moth is frozen while you type, so if someone is in combat they are unlikely to respond instantly to your message, be patient and try again most people are keen to chat now and then during a game. If you want the message to be private type the other players name in full, otherwise leave name blank to broadcast to all.

Most hosts will post a message on zedo's board to say what if any rules they would "like" you to follow, if not use the C key to ask during the game. Some players are online to practice trading skills or initially are trying to earn cash to get a good moth set up before taking part in any combat, it is "polite" to ask if any one wants to fight against you before starting combat.

One common rule is to not shoot the taxi moths, as these do not regenerate/re spawn, once all the taxi's are gone you cannot get a taxi & the factions cannot get new pilots to there bases to replace killed attack/patrol ships. DO NOT KILL TAXI'S UNLESS that is a stated purpose of the game. You can give other human players a free lift in your moon moth if your feeling co-operative.

If you have a fast permanent internet connection please consider hosting a game. Ask on the board if you want help to get this working, but usually it's just a matter of launching hardwar as a host & posting your ip address & game rules on zedo's board. I'll add any new long term stable games to my list here during future updates.

is a useful web page if you don't know how to discover your ip address.
Note. if you are hosting, the game will play normally for you i.e. like an offline game you won't suffer the lag effect & you'll be at a sometimes unfair advantage against other players in combat, most hosts either sit back and watch the game progress or play in a lower spec moth to make things more equal, but your the host so it's your game to do as you please.

If you have any problems connecting etc please post a message on captain zedo's board (see my forum link)

Problems with firewall's, some folks using adsl & cable modems etc have reported problems getting connected to games.. this is normally a firewall issue

2. "Re: Need Help With New server"
In response to message #1
Hardwar uses DirectPlay ports, using the DirectX7 method. That means it needs port 47624 for the initial negotiation, then port 2300(TCP) and port 2350(UDP) for the first connection, port 2301(TCP) and port 2351(UDP) for the 2nd connection, etc.

You'll need to configure your firewall to allow access to the above ports.. don't ask me how but someone else on Zedo's board will probably know.. Just ask (above message was posted by kazymyr)