27th Oct 2011

Omg last news update 7 years ago

I've recently started to do some long overdue tidying up here.
The download section in particular, now includes a full zip of all the bits and pieces
I've updated Hammers game ip, that game has been running longer than any game i've ever played online. Cheers Hammer
Zedo's been having some problems with his zedo.hardwar.org host so i've mirrored the site as zedo.hardwar.info, check his board for other mirrors.

17th August 2004

Just to let folks know i'm in the process of tidying up the uploads section at hardwar.info

Various files have been uploaded in the past few months that are now either out of date or just do not belong (at least i can't see what they are for or why they have been uploaded). I will try where possible to move them to the "z bin" folder please consider this the last refuse before final deletion if these files are of value to you please download them for your safekeeping. If i'm mistaken in moving them please post the filename and it's purpose in the message thread at zedo's forum and i'll find an appropriate place for it.

I will also be adding z bin subfolders here and there to gather up old revisions of files that may be worth keeping for a while but make locating the current file version messy.

I've also given greater prominence to hardwar E in the downloads section. (not to be-little the work in other areas in any way).

Any other suggestions for re-organisation are welcome.

The Hardwar 2 project at www.crudesoftware.com recently celebrated the teams first birthday. Check out the screen shots they've released just to keep us all begging for more..

HardwarE is currently in the capable hands of smurph.. see the downloads area for news of what he's working on.

Flap has been busy with a new misopians utility. This editor promises to allow us to monitor pilot activity fix and fiddle with everyone and everything live.. If you tried version 1 last xmas but where (as i was) a little over-awed at it's complexity.. This version is a completely new track and is becoming increasingly user friendly.. Get using it and give flap some well deserved praise and feedback. (see flaps folder in the downloads section here current version download )

Archive to 19th April 04

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