Hardwar Complete Walkthrough

Original source david-hebdors copy of Software Refineries walkthrough
-- With my own additional notes and tips -- 5th Feb 2003 --wez

Beware, this could make the game too easy for you.
I didn't complete this game until I read it

If your playing the patched demo version of hardwar you'll also want to take a look at the
video transcripts that Aragofett has made from the in game videos.

You start the game in one of three different hangars, depending on which type of operative you decided to be (Trader, Scavenger or Aggressor).
-- You don't have to stick to a profession, switch as it suits, --wez
-- you'll probably need all the skills at somepoint during the game --wez

The first game event can be triggered in one of three ways, as follows:

1. Trading - Trading centers can be found in all craters in the game (check the "Local services" list in the main navigation menu to target the nearest one).
Use the "Sales" and "Needs" lists in their hangar computers to identify a viable trading route - as soon as you have completed the first transaction, a new e-mail message will arrive (see below for details).

2. Bounty hunting - Shooting down any other moth in the game will also trigger the above e-mail (hint - shoot down a pirate rather than an innocent trader/scavenger, or else incur the wrath of the Police!) Lists of wanted pilots can be found in any police station computer. There is at least one of these in most of the craters - again, use the "Local services" list to target the nearest one.

3. Wait! - if the player does not follow either of the above courses, the first game event will be triggered automatically after approximately 5 game days have passed.

-- note you do not have to run all missions as soon as prompted, you might prefer to trade etc a while -- wez
-- and buy a better moth & weapons a few hangers in strategic locations to get free repairs store cargo, -- wez
-- fit a clone etc then run this mission -- wez

Event 1 - Cordon Downtown (The Crash)
Wait for the e-mail message entitled "Cover up". Use the "Target subject" option on this mail to guide you to the relevant area in the Downtown crater.

-- Save the game before doing this, as the alien craft "accidentally" bumped me to death during one game -- wez
As you approach the scene, your ship's controls and systems will become disabled as you are taken over by an alien vessel. Witness the demise of the alien craft and the Lazarus ships that arrive to pick up the resulting wreckage.

(Note that this first event is intended merely for you to witness, nothing more - this is simply to indicate that there is something weird going on, and thereby rouse your curiosity and encourage you to find out more. You will not be able to either pick up or destroy the alien wreckage, and any attempt to use aggressive tactics against either the Lazarus salvage ships or the Police patrol ships in the area is likely to result in your swift and untimely demise!)

Event 2 - Port Visit
Wait for the e-mail message entitled, "Decoy required", which comes from Klamp-G. Select the "Target subject" option in this mail to target the mass driver in the Port area.

As you enter Port, either avoid or shoot down the Lazarus guards, then follow the indicator on your HUD which will guide you towards the Mass driver. As you approach, you should see a white arrow on your radar display - this is the mass driver part, a small box-like object which can be found on the ground near to the Mass driver itself and is guarded by another Lazarus ship. Target it using the "Y" key. Once you have destroyed the driver part (one or two shots should be enough), the atmosphere in the Port area will change radically. You should aim to leave the Port area as quickly as possible, otherwise massive radiation leaks and severe climatic changes will slowly drain your moth's power reserves.

After you have created this distraction, a Klamp-G transport ship will sneak in and steal the alien wreckage that the Lazarus ships were guarding - as soon as this ship gets back to it's own HQ with this cargo, you will receive your reward.

NB. The first in a series of peculiar "Garbled transmissions" will arrive at around this point. You should hang onto this message (and all similar mails that you subsequently receive) as they will prove to be useful later in the game.

Events 3, 4, 5 & 6 - General activity
Following the theft of the alien wreckage, the Lazarus family close off the Port area altogether and deny access to all pilots.

Sometime later, strange new moths start to appear in random locations around the city - you may even witness some of these sightings yourself (the effects of these encounters are similar to the effects produced by the alien crash during Event 1). Around this time, the second "Garbled transmission" will appear in your mailbox.

Shortly after this, food production starts to escalate rapidly, spurred on by the factions who - as you will later discover - are force-feeding the city's population with poisoned food and water in order to create body parts.

In order to hamper the other side's ability to produce food and pure water, both factions start to attack each other's production plants and other installations. You may be invited to join in some of these attacks in return for financial rewards.

Event 7 - Collection

-- if you haven't already got one buy a fast moth for this mission -- wez
-- because this piece of tech cannot be transfered to another moth -- wez
-- if you have aquired a swallow use a different moth for this because -- wez
-- it's completely wasted on a swallow which is already invisible to radar at all altitudes -- wez
-- personally I prefer the neo-tiger for this, or a police moth -- wez.

An anonymous e-mail entitled, "Important mission" will eventually arrive. Fly to the Mines crater and target the lightwell from the "Local services" list in your navigation menu. As you approach the lightwell, you should be able to see a white arrow on your radar display - this is the mystery package that you have to collect. Target the package using the "Y" key, then go and pick it up from the top of the large sandstone structure that it is sitting on. The package is an item of software, a low level radar cloak that is automatically fitted to your moth as soon as your drone returns with it. The cloak allows you to fly undetected by enemy radar as long as you are flying at an altitude below 100 feet (the box around your radar display will flash red whenever the radar cloak is in operation). Take care though, as enemies will still attack you if they get you in visual range! As soon as you have the software in your possession, you will receive an E-mail from Psycho Bob telling you to report to his weapons mart in the Downtown area. Fly to this area, then use the "Local services" list in your navigation computer to target Psycho Bob's 1 which is in the North-eastern segment of the crater.

-- Your gonna pick up enemies doing these later events/missions --wez
-- so figure outhow to get off the enemies lists will make life easier -- wez
-- e.g. lock known enemies in your pilot entries then kill that pirate after running the mission -- wez
-- trade Laz of against Klamp, kill a klamp to get laz forgiveness & vice versa -- wez

Event 8 - At Bob's For A Recce
On arrival at Psycho Bob's, watch the video sequence detailing the mission that Bob wants you to undertake. You have to find and target the secret bases that the two factions have built to house their development of nuclear-powered test ships.

The Lazarus base can be found in the Reservoir crater. Using the Radar cloak's capabilities as much as possible to avoid detection, fly to the island situated in the western half of the crater. Round the back of this island, roughly at water level, you should find a recessed area which houses a large red door bearing the Lazarus family's trademark "L" shaped logo. Point your moth directly at the door and press the "T" key to lock the co-ordinates into your navigation computer.

The Klamp-G base is situated in the western segment of the Riverside crater. Once in the crater, fly to either end of the river (use the navigation map if necessary to be sure of your position), then follow the crater wall round to the western section. When you reach a point that is roughly equidistant from both ends of the river, point your ship back towards the centre of the crater - you should then be able to see the Klamp-G base, which is a low, roughly dome-shape structure. Again, point straight at your target and press "T" to lock the co-ordinates into your Nav computer.

(At this point, it may be wise to use the "Lock" option in the Navigation/Buildings menu to ensure that the co-ordinates of these two buildings are not lost accidentally).

When all of this is done, you will receive an E-mail from Bob telling you to return to Psycho Bob's 1 in the Downtown area. Use the "Target sender" option from this e-mail to find your way back there.

Event 9 - General activity
This happens at roughly the same time that the player is completing the missions at events 8 and 10. The factions are still busy trying to blow each other off the face of the planet, but now they have started to use crude nuclear bombs which the aliens have been providing in exchange for human DNA.

Event 10 - Procuring The Triggers And Matter
On arrival back at Bob's, you will see another GDV detailing your next mission. Bob needs you to get hold of Triggers and Matter - two components which are used in the manufacture of nuclear bombs (similar to the ones which the factions are now using).

The factions are trading with the aliens who are now resident in the Port area - human body parts for fusion power (triggers and matter). These components are being transported from Port to both faction HQ's by transport ships belonging to the two major gangs (Skinners and Scrubbers) - the locations of these two faction strongholds are, at this point, put into your navigation computer by Psycho Bob. However, you'll probably find it easier to hunt down the transport ships as they go in and out of the Research facility, which is where the exchanges are made. You'll find this building halfway down the tunnel leading from the Downtown area to Port. As soon as you have picked up both of the items you need, head straight back to Psycho Bob's 1 - he will need some time to put together a prototype nuclear bomb for you.

It's also possible to solve this part without killing any ships. You can buy the needed items from for example Alpha Trade Center

Events 11, 12 & 13 -
Getting the Small/Big bomb, and Bomb the Base

After a while, Bob will send you a mail to let you know that the bomb is ready to collect. When you get there, you will be shown another video sequence for your next mission. Bob now wants you to steal some of the radioactive cargo that is being stored inside the two secret bases that you targeted earlier (Event 8).

Use the radar cloak's capabilities to get there (fly below 100 ft. to remain invisible to radar). Because of the location and positioning, you may find that the Lazarus base in the Reservoir crater is slightly easier to break into than the Klamp-G one. Depending on which base you target, you should fire your bomb at the red door to the Lazarus base or the domed roof of the Klamp-G one. Watch out for the patrol ships that will target you as soon as you break into the base. You only need to pick up one piece of the radioactive material from either of the two bases - once you have it, get back to Psycho Bob's 1 as soon as possible! Bob will then spend a little more time analyzing what you have brought to him.

Note: if the bomb doesn't work for any reason on the first attempt (e.g. you miss!), you can go back to Bob's and get another one.

Events 14 & 15 -
Gang Defector, Gang member spills all.

Out of the blue, an e-mail arrives from one of the gang members (either Skinners or Scrubbers) - he wants out of the situation that he finds himself in, and he wants you to help him escape to the opposing faction's HQ.

Make sure that you are outside the relevant hangar when the gang member makes his bid for freedom. Hang back until you are sure of which direction he's heading in, and use your radar cloak as much as possible on your journey - although you are escorting the gang member to his destination, you should aim to protect yourself first and foremost (you will most likely have made quite a few enemies by this stage, so you may well be in more danger than the defecting ganger!) When you arrive at the relevant faction HQ, allow the gang member to dock, then follow him in as quickly as possible. At this point you will see another video clip, during which time the ganger will donate his fusion cell to you for your efforts in helping him. This will prove to be very beneficial indeed - this cell gives a moth almost unlimited power, so you will be able to fly around at higher speeds and use your energy weapons much more freely in combat without ever having to visit a lightwell again!

The Fusion Powered cell is undoubtedly the best improvement for your moth in the entire game. If you have more than one moth you can simply buy more. Use the local trade central to locate them.

-- If you get a fusion cell fitted as early as possible in the game --wez
-- & upgrade to a fast ship you can learn to dominate this game --wez
-- e.g. spend time attacking a faction killing there attack & transport ships, --wez
-- destroying their hanger defence turrets --wez
-- killing off pirates and buying there hangers to reduce the number of pirates in the game --wez
-- a fusion cell with a afterburner will give you valuable breathing space to recover in battles --wez
-- if you don't have a fusion cell learn to manage your power carefully --wez
-- if you run very low on power you can only fly at low emergency speed to a light well to recharge --wez

Event 16 - Destroy Convoy
Not long after the above escapade, you should receive another mail from Psycho Bob asking you to return. He has the results from the testing of the radioactive cargo that you delivered to him.

Having figured out much of what in going on in the city (and exposed himself to dangerously high levels of radiation in the process), Bob wants you to go back to the Downtown - Port tunnel and distract the convoys who are still delivering their consignments of freshly harvested body parts down to the aliens in Port.

You should be able to get hold of more triggers and matter so that Bob can build you more bombs for you. As soon as you have procured these, you will receive another e-mail. Psycho Bob is dead (sniff!) - his apprentice takes over from this point onwards. Go back to Psycho Bob's 1 with the materials that you have just picked up, and they will make another bomb for you.

-- bob only needs a few of each so sell any surplus for a well earned profit --wez
-- if you get hold of some store it at your hanger until bob asks for it so you don't get pestered by pirates --wez
-- you can jetison cargo, wait for a pirate to try to pick it up and hit him hard when it's vulnerable. --wez

Event 17 - Port Abort
Once the bomb is fitted, the apprentice will ask you to go to the tunnel leading from the Mines crater to Port and blow up the blockage that is there, thereby opening the whole area back up to the general public. On attempting this, however, you will find that the relatively small bomb that you are equipped with is not enough to do the job. Another mail should arrive from Bob's apprentice now - she wants you to go back to Bob's again so that a bigger bomb can be fitted to your ship.

Event 18 - Big Bob
As soon as your new toy is ready to pick up, you should receive another e-mail from Bob's apprentice. Go to Psycho Bob's 1 to pick up the new, bigger bomb, take it back to the Mines - Port tunnel and blow that blockage away! As you do this, Bob's apprentice will send you a new e-mail requesting that you go into the Port area and investigate exactly what's going on in there.

Event 19& 20 -
Into the Fire & Alien Intervention

As soon as you enter Port, your ship will be besieged by the inhospitable conditions that are still raging there; huge electrical thunderstorms and radiation leakage drain both your ship's shields and power reserves in a matter of seconds. While you are helpless, an alien ship swoops down, picks you up and transports you out of the crater and back into the relative safety of the mines, where you can recharge your power levels, repair any damage sustained etc.

(WARNING - Do not, under any circumstances, go back into the Port area at this point, otherwise you will die almost instantly. The area is still inhospitable, and the aliens will not rescue you a second time. You have been warned!)

By this time you should have received another e-mail from Bob's apprentice. She has an idea that may help you get into the Port area and continue your investigations - you should head back to Psycho Bob's straightaway.

Event 21 - Oubliette
Back at Bob's you will get to see another video sequence. If you didn't get the gang boy's fusion cell at event 15, you'll have to go and get one now. You will achieve this by going back to the Research facility in the Downtown - Port tunnel and shooting down one of the gang convoy ships which are still ferrying body parts to the Port area. When you shoot one of these ships down, it should leave behind an intact fusion cell. Simply pick it up and take it to the nearest Breaker Maker to have it fitted.

Again, you can also buy the fusion cell for about $18k in different places (use the local Trade Central). At this point it shouldn't matter however. Of course you can fit the cell in your own hangar for free, if you have one.

If and when you have the fusion cell, go back to Psycho Bob's and watch the video sequence detailing your next mission. To get into Port, you will need to have your shields specially wired up to your ships fusion cell in order that they can withstand the damage caused by the prevailing conditions there. The only person in the city who can do this is Syd, a technician currently employed at Psycho Bob's 2. The easiest way to find it is to target Trade central from the Local services list in your navigation computer (Bob's 2 is in the same complex) - as soon as you get into the southern half of the crater, target Bob's 2 from the same list.

When you arrive and try to dock there, another twist in the plot becomes apparent. An e-mail is sent to you from the factions' security forces explaining that the tech has been taken away and imprisoned, and that Psycho Bob's 2 is out of bounds to members of the public.

Shortly afterwards, Bob's apprentice sends out another e-mail to you explaining that the tech has been taken to the "Oubliette" prison in the Mines crater.

The prison is situated on top of the Prison mine, which is in the eastern sector of the crater, behind the large range of hills which dominates the area. Once in the prison, you will be granted access to see the imprisoned technician and treated to another video sequence.

-- Postponing the end of the game --wez

-- If you want to play on for a while don't run this next mission until --wez
-- you want to end the game as there is no going back --wez
-- unless you have it saved at the point you want to continue from --wez

Event 22& 23 -
Lazarus Hightower & Steal the Shield Moth

Fly back to the Downtown crater and follow the crater wall round to a point roughly halfway between the tunnel leading to the gamma crater and the tunnel leading to Port (Research facility). You should be able to see the Lazarus Hightower from there (check the navigation map - the tower is the small block by itself in the bottom right corner of the crater).

Dock in the Hightower and watch the video of Xavier Lazarus; afterwards he will translate all of the garbled e-mail messages that you have received during the course of the game.

-- if you have a fusion cell & engine 3, earlier in the game --wez
-- you can fly to hightower for a translation if your curious --wez

When that is done, fly to Syd's workshop - target Trade central from the local services list, fly across to it and position yourself in front of the airlock doors. Turn to the left until you're compass bearing reads about 210, then fly in a straight line over the top of Software shack 2. Just beyond that, and slightly below it, you should see Syd's workshop. Dock in the hangar, get out of your moth and board the moon moth that's sitting in the first docking bay.

Event 24 - Steal the shield moth
Once aboard your new moth, all you have to do is fly to the Port area and dock at the Unused terminal in that crater. Watch out for faction and patrol ships trying to hinder your progress off-planet. The terminal itself is almost in the centre of the crater - it shouldn't be too difficult to spot, as there is a gigantic alien mother ship parked right on top of it! Once you're in there it's the end of the game, all you have to do is sit back and watch the final video sequence play out.

This last run for freedom is interesting. Every single ship in the whole game is targeting and attacking you! Add to this that the ship you're flying has no defensive or offensive weapons. When you reach the Port area you can move in a while and then turn around to look at the entrance. Eventually tons of ships should start coming. They enter the Port area. They die. Rather amusing. The ground will be littered with loot!

--That moth syd built is fitted out with the only shielding that is immune to the alien effects in port --wez

Congratulations - You won!!

Where now. -- Wez

This is the only way through this game there are no alternative missions to my knowledge.
However there is much more to this game than "simply" playing the missions to finish the game
You can learn to be the best combat pilot or trader, or figure out how to get different items & weapons built
or even how to get the moth factories to build all the various moths.
There's also the experience of playing online against or in co-operation with other hardwar players.

Please feel free to copy this walkthrough and edit it for your own hardwar site.
Note. Since SR has shut down I don't have an original SR copy of this walkthrough,
many thanks to david-hebdor for posting it on his site.

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