None of these skin packs would be possible without the excellent tools writen by PlaguedMind. You can download the latest versions from this page.

Spr to bmp converter
This allows you to convert the hardwar texture files (spr format) into windows bitmap (bmp format) and back to spr's when your done editing them.
30th March updated version 4 fixes bug in alphamask and rotation of some bmps

download 207k zip - includes readme file.
NEW exe with an option to save the spr with a blank optimization table to stop spr files crashing hardwar when running in software mode.
Adds new batch conversion etc.

Tips. Spr to Bmp

Resedit - Resource extractor..
download 263k zip - includes readme file.
This program allows you to extract all the game resource files (e.g spr's, wav's etc) from the hardwar.res & hardup.res files. It can also add files back into the hardwar.res

30th March hardwar pallette file editor also able to suck the palette from any 256colour bitmap and convert paintshop pro pal files to hardwar pal files.. (we keep plaguedmind very busy.. many thanks)
download 206k

Please let plaguemind know of any bugs/issues you have with them either via email (see readme in zip files) or via's Captain Zedo's hardwar forum.

See my utilities downloads page [here] for the other tools made by our dedicated hardwar programmers

I do plan to add a basic tutorial on the use of these tools soon.. but in the mean time if you have any questions please ask for help at the hardwar forums.